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Tunisia (SNCFT former Sfax-Gafsa)

GR12U: 501-504 EMD 12-567C engine built 1964-1965. 505,506 EMD 12-567E engine built 1966.
GL8U: 040DF351 to 040DF362 EMD 8-567CR engine built 1965
G26CU 060DH221 to 060DH225 EMD 16-645E engine built 1972.

SNCFT 040DF357 GL8U Bo-Bo 875 hp at Tunis with train 6/73, February 6 1997 by Philip Wormald

SNCFT 506 GR12 Co-Co 1310 hp at Sousse on a freight, December 3 1995 Photo taken by Mick Dunn, from Philip Wormald

SNCFT 060DH223 EMD G26CU Co-Co 2000 hp at Sousse February 9 1993 by Philip Wormald

SNCFT 551, 552 GMLG GT18U Bo-Bo 1500 hp at Sousse May 6 1999 by Len Ball, from Philip Wormald