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Indonesia (PJKA*)

*Railway is now Perumka, not PJKA anymore.
There were 35 BB200-s built, but only some 20 are now in service. Most are in Semarang depot, and used for freight and passenger service. A few years ago, a number were used in one of the fastest passenger train in Java, the Prambanan Ekspres.

The BB201-s are based in Purwokerto, and used on the central south coast line, for freight trains (mostly fertilizer and quartz sand).

The BB202-s are all in Sumatra. These are G18U's (BB202.01-BB202.08) built 1967 and 1971 EMD 8-645E engines 1000 hp (need pix of these)

The CC202-s are the most powerful locos in Indonesia, and used for unit coal trains from the Tanjungenim coal mine to the port of Telukbetung.