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Sri Lanka

569, 570 built by GMDL October 1954 #A608, A609 . Named "Ontario", "Alberta"
571-573 built by GMDL October 1954 #A720-A722. Named "Saskatchewan", "British Columbia", "Quebec"
589-591 built by GMDL September 1956 #A894-A896. Named "Manitoba", "Nova Scotia", "New Brunswick"
594, 595 built by GMDL March 1958 #A1325, A1326. Named "Prince Edward Island", "Newfoundland"
626, 627 built by GMDL May 1961 #A1920, A1921. Named "Montreal", "Vancouver"
628, 629 built by EMD May 1966 #31211, 31212. Named "Kankesanturai", "Galli".

783-798 built by Henschel September 1979 to January 1980 #32337-32352
799-814 built by Brush December 1981 to March 1982 #842-857.

Ceylon Government Railway 573 GMDL G12 A1A-A1A 1310 hp at the factory, London Ontario Oct. 1954. Locomotives ordered during the rule of the United National Party (UNP) would be painted red and green

Ceylon Government Railway 595 GMDL G12 A1A-A1A 1310 hp at the factory, London Ontario March 1958. .The colour scheme from top down- silver, light blue, yellow cheat line and dark blue with red colour cow-catcher. The colour scheme is based on the political party in power in Sri Lanka at that time- the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP). (notes courtesy of N. Senthilkumaran)

M2 class G12 (A1A-A1A) 1310 hp in original paint scheme.

Brush built M7 class with EMD 8-645E engine