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EMD: Electro-Motive Division General Motors Corp. Plant at McCook, Illinois USA, (the Post Office is LaGrange). Fabrication of prime movers still done here. Assembly of locomotives moved to London, Ontario Canada. Export production started with some early gas electric railcars for Australia, Mexico and Chile. Export locomotive production started with model F2A & F2B for Mexico.

Domestic models exported: F2A, F2B, F3A, F3B, F7A, F7B, FP7A, F9A, F9B, FP9A, GP7, GP9, GP18, GP28, GP38, GP38-2, SD9, SD18, SD38, SD38-2, SD40, SD40-2, SDP40, SW1, SW900, SW1000, SW1001, SW1200, SW1500

Modified domestic models: SDP28, SDP38, SDL38, SDL40, SDL50, SW1504.

Export models: C, Bo-Bo & A1A-A1A: GM6, G8, G12, G18, G22, G26, GA8, GA12, GA12C, GL8, GL18, JL8, JL18
Co-Co: G16, GA12C, GR12, G22C, G26C
Turbocharged Co-Co: GT16, GT18MC, GT22LC-2, GT26C, JT22C, JT26C.