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NOHAB: Nydqvist & Holm Aktiebolag.
(Nydqvist Och Holm AB [AB = Aktiebolag = Company]), Trollhattan Sweden

NOHAB went out of the locomotive business in the late 70's or early 80's (don't have exact time at hand..), and was stricken from the merchant register. Nowadays the SAAB museum is situated in the old factory halls (SAAB auto factory is also in Trollhattan). EMD's license was handed over to Kalmar Verkstad, of Kalmar Sweden - which is quite another firm. When Kalmar was bought by the then new ABB firm, which was a competitor to EMD, Kalmar lost the EMD license - as did also Henschel, of Kassel Germany, which was also bought by ABB. There will be no more locomotive building in Sweden; the mechanical parts for the latest AEM7 and ALP44 electrics are built in Finland, and these electrics are only assembled in Sweden.

Locomotives were built for:
SJ T41 class = 5 units
SJ T43 class = 50 units
SJ T44 class = 90 units
SJ Tb class = 10 units
LKAB T46 class = 4 units
DSB MY class = 59 units
DSB MX class = 45 units
NSB Di3 class = 35 units
MAV M61 class = 20 units