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Hello, welcome to my Web Pages. I hope you enjoy the images I will display on the following pages. The GM export Locomotives are from around the world and the pictures will change from time to time. To help me with this project, any additional photos are welcome. If you don't see a particular model here, I may not have it ready yet or I may be waiting for a better picture. Pictures and pages are added as time permits. Some pictures have been waiting quite awhile to be installed or updated.
There are over 400 pictures at this site and growing!

Many thanks to the great people that have supplied me with colour slides and scans for this project:

  • Argentina: Martin Cejas, Horacio Maspero, Pablo Lacoste.
  • Australia: Peter Clark, Ray Graf, Philip Graham, Colin Gray, Peter Jzilezck, Brad Peadon, Bruce Tilley.
  • Belgium: Stefan Nicolai
  • Brasil: Cid Beraldo, Eduardo Coelho, Antonio Augusto Gorni, Sergio Martiere
  • Canada: Doug Cummings, Kevin Dunk, Fritz Lehman, Bill Linley, Chris Martin, Don McQueen, David More, Ian Platt, Marc Simpson, David Stowe, Garth Tyckoson.
  • England: Philip Wormald. Peter Bagshawe, David Craik
  • Hungary:Randy Pijper
  • India:Dr. Shirish Yande, Viraf Mulla
  • Indonesia: M. & Indra Krishnamurti, T.C. Lie.
  • Israel: Yaron Dozetas
  • Mexico: Juan Celorio, Ricardo Hernandez-Lecanda
  • Norway:Lolke Bijlsma
  • Spain:Joaquin Lopez del Ramo
  • Sweden:Bertil Bengtsson, Jan Lindahl, Per-Eric Matsson
  • Taiwan:Jack Liu.
  • USA:Keith Ardinger, Ken Ardinger, John Benson, Jim Buckley, Jim Claflin, Preston Cook, John Cummings, James Herold, Matt Herson Jr., Paul Hunnell, James Hutzler, Alan Miller, Michael Palmieri, Sheldon Perry, Russell Sharp, Jim Warsher
  • Yugoslavia: Zoran Veresic.
    Inspiration for this site came from Rolf Stumpf of Alco World.

    For North American Domestic locomotives and news, see Extra 2200 South "The Locomotive Newsmagazine". The link is on my links page.

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