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Taiwan (Taiwan Railway Administration - TRA)


  • 1. G12 MODEL
    Most of the G12 road switchers (TRA Designation R20) remain in service today, though they started their careers 40 years ago, but two of this class, R39 and R53 were discarded and deleted from motive power fleet list. Since they suffered an accident and were damaged very seriously, very hard to repair, therefore, TRA decided abandon repairing them. Now both two units are stored at TRA Taipei workshop as spare parts for the G12 fleet. Since 567C diesel engine production line was terminated in US, spare parts and main assembly of 567C will become a problem for acquisition. After consideration of maintenance and spare parts supply and management, TRA will try to re-engine G12 from 567C to 645E (same as G22 series), but keep power rating the same as original to remain compatible with generator of G12. Up to now, at least 4 units have been rebuilt this way, they are R24, R33, R38, R55 and R61. All surviving G12's have been equipped with air-conditioner, and ATW safety device.
  • 2. G22 Model
    All of the G22 series on TRA (TRA designation R100 for G22U, R150 for G22CU, R180/190 for G22CU-2)are still kept as main traction power on non-electrified areas on east and south coast line. The AC generator-equipped R180/R190 supplied by GMDD of Canada, is equipped with very advanced ATS safety device (Only ATW applied on TRA now), and air-conditioner. R180/R190 are used for heavy-duty fright service on the east-coast line. R190 is identical type with R180, but they are purchased and owned by Taiwan Cement Co., but operated by TRA. In order to distinguish from TRA-owned units, TRA has designated a special type for industrial-owned unit.
  • 3. GL8 Model
    All of the GL8's remain in service (TRA designation S200), and do a very good job on switching and branch line passenger train work. All surviving GL8's have been added with air-conditioner, and ATW safety device, some of the GL8's have changed window-glass of cab from EMD style to glass attached on vestibules of passenger car style.
  • 4. GA8 Model
    After electrification of the west-coast trunk line during mid-1970s to 1980, Most of the G12's were changed to second-line service (e.g. branch line service, yard switchingäetc), thus TRA felt it was unnecessary to maintain switching-use-only diesel-electric locomotive fleet, therefore GA8's (TRA designation S300) fleet was extinguished very quickly by the end of 1990s. By now, at least 11 units have been sold and broken-up for scrap, they are S301, S303, S305, S308, S309, S310, S312, S314, S315, S319 and S320. All surviving GA8's have been equipped with air-conditioners, and ATW safety devices.
  • 5. GA18 Model
    Since TRA decided to abridge rail-freight business line, The 645E-engined, custom use for Chi-Du "camel hump" freight yard switcher GA18 (TRA Designation S400) are all withdrawn from switcher service, and re-arranged as helper locomotives on the Yilan line (with successive gradient and curved area). Sometimes used as transfer locomotives in Keelung harbor, and mine-to-power-plant service for Taiwan Power Co. Two units of this class have been retired; they are S404 and S405. S404 has been scrapped by TRA. S405 is preserved at TRA Railway Museum at Maioli County.